Transcontinental Fund Administration, Ltd. (TFA) has provided fund administration services since 2001.
Transcontinental Fund Administration, Ltd. (TFA) visualizes its clients’ goals and translates them into innovative and cost efficient structures.
Transcontinental Fund Administration, Ltd. (TFA) has worked with leading law firms, auditors and tax firms and is known for its quality of work.
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  • Investor Reporting

    TFA’s state of the art web based reporting platform allows fund managers, investors and marketers to review all of their authorized reporting information in one convenient view.

  • Private Equity and Real Estate

    TFA uses its proprietary reporting platform to inform investors about up to date information on calls, distributions and outstanding capital.

  • FATCA and RIA Compliance

    TFA has an effective in house team to deal with compliance surrounding FATCA and Registered Investment Advisor requirements.