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Administration for Private Equity & Venture Capital 


TFA has experience that goes beyond just the fund level accounting and administration.  We understand the unique needs of the PE / VC manager.

TFA offers a wide range of private equity and venture capital fund services including the execution of calls and distributions, reporting on cash received to the manager and collecting all documents relevant to the fund portfolio.

In addressing the real needs of our clients, our staff is trained enough to set up call notices on very short lead time and still keep the quality of the product. We are used to working within short time frames as a team with the manager as we understand that closing on real estate is highly time sensitive and may take a group effort to meet the deadline. Our philosophy is summarized by the word “client support”. Our devotion to service is remarkable.

TFA demonstrates a particular expertise in private equity, real estate and venture capital funds, including:

  • Cash management with electronic tokens

  • Dual approval procedure for cash-out transactions

  • Strict guidelines regarding invoice payment procedures for funds

  • Protect the limited partner/shareholder procedure for real estate funds

  • Cash received reports for calls

  • Cash out reports for distributions

  • Reminder emails for late investors

  • AML and KYC checks on all investors

  • Document retention system

  • PE and RE geared client and manager reporting system

  • Online access to capital reports of multiple funds in one view

  • Knowledgeable support from veteran principals in PE and RE structures

  • Working knowledge of multiple booking methods in parallel systems

  • Safekeeping of original investor documentation


Transcontinental Fund Administration


33 N LaSalle Street, Suite 2210, Chicago, IL 60602

Tel:  312-578-0690


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