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Administration for Start-Up Funds

TFA knows that launching a new fund is hard work. Let TFA help you, so that you can focus on raising capital.

Transcontinental Fund Administration works with all types of start-ups: private equity, real estate, venture capital, cryptocurrency and hedge funds. TFA has worked with both funds and asset management companies that started out small but then over the years grew into multi-billion dollar portfolios. We have worked with managers who have prior experience managing billion dollar funds, but now are seeking help with starting their very own fund structure.

We provide administration services to funds incorporated under many different jurisdictions, such as the U.S., Cayman Islands, and British Virgin Islands. We also have experience working with global fund managers based out of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

TFA can provide you with essential guidance as you go through the process of starting your new fund. Ask us about regulations (e.g what is Aml/KYC?, how do I fill out a form PF?, am I subject to FATCA?, what will I need from my investors?, etc.), policies, procedures, and the structure of your fund. Use our knowledge and experience to guide your hand as you build a solid framework for your success.

Start Up Funds Administration Services:

  • Provide professional advice on structuring your offshore or onshore fund.​

  • Guidance on RIA registration.

  • Provide bank, auditor, legal and tax professional introductions.

  • Set-up of appropriate bank accounts.

  • Review of offering memorandum, subscription agreement, statutory documents data collection and summarization.

  • Due Diligence for all onboarding Limited Partners and Shareholders.

  • Investor and Manager reporting.

  • Taking inventory of AML transaction documentation with legal counsel for compliance within onshore and/or offshore jurisdictions

  • Provision of all financial statements and information relating to the latest NAV of the Fund of administration agreement


Transcontinental Fund Administration


33 N LaSalle Street, Suite 2210, Chicago, IL 60602

Tel:  312-578-0690


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