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Investor Reporting Portal

Our portal features a robust portfolio module, a document management system, a CRM system and a customizable report generator.

Proprietary Technology

Investor Reporting Portal

Flexible enough to be customized; easy enough to use to appeal to senior

and junior investors

Internal Software

TFA’s web-based proprietary Streamlined Integrated Modular System (SIMS)

automates TFA’s business and administrative functions enabling efficient

management of the flow of external and internal information and is developed

internally in response to changing requirements – both regulatory as well as due

to client needs. Our systems handle complex instruments, multiple currencies and

maintain multiple brokerage trade information

Investor Reporting

TFA has developed its proprietary portal for investor reporting (SIMS Investor Reporting). It is specifically geared towards the needs of hedge funds and private equity and real estate fund investors.

The portal is the latest state-of-the-art online reporting tool and provides access to users in a safe and secure environment. Investors can read all of their statements and communication from the fund manager in one view even if they are invested in multiple funds. Management and wealth managers can keep track of all of their clients' statements and subscription documentation through one access only. The system is flexible enough to allow specific users to only see specific documents. 

The reporting platform takes away tedious research on the manager's side to look for the historic trail of calls and distributions or investor statements for each investor. All of it is readily available on the platform. In addition, the system allows for badge printing of documents, saving service providers and clients valuable time to devote to their core business activities.

TFA's Fund Administration Systems and Integration

TFA uses proprietary software (“SIMS”). This customized software and database application is a solution that automates TFA’s fund administration functions (transfer agency, document management, CRM system, data uploads from brokers, portfolio tracking and pricing, and shareholder/partner reporting for offshore and onshore funds),  business functions (task lists, problem-reporting and solving), and provides an interface to QuickBooks Enterprise which is used for journal entries and general ledger maintenance. SIMS also integrates with TFA’s state-of-the-art reporting portal – for view by investors.

TFA believes in continually developing its software technology to meet the changing needs of our clients and we stand ready to customize solutions for your specific needs.

  • SIMS is developed in a modular fashion allowing the usage of finished modules in the workflow of TFA

  • A robust trade-capture module allows for a flexible interface trade data-stream making it possible for seamless transaction processing from multiple brokers or data sources

  • Access to SIMS is based on granular modular permissioning – each member of the TFA staff has access to only those modules which apply to their individual workflow

  • Continuous development of SIMS allows TFA to meet expanding demands of its clients as well as its own processes


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