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TFA has developed its proprietary portal for investor reporting (SIMS Investor Reporting). It is specifically geared towards the needs of hedge funds and private equity and real estate fund investors.

The portal is the latest state-of-the-art online reporting tool and provides access to users in a safe and secure environment. Click here to learn more about the portal and our proprietary technology.

The Investor Reporting Portal is hosted on an external private cloud.  Unlike in a public cloud, we know what hardware is used for the system; the hardware is chosen to allow for high performance, to scale extremely well, and there are no shared resource pools between different customers; it offers total and guaranteed security isolation between the individual customers of the cloud.  TFA feels confident that it can thus offer the highest standard of performance to its fund clients.


  • Setup investors and their contacts on TFA Reporting with detailed permission levels

  • Maintain Historical Fund and Investor level data on the Reporting Portal including NAVs, Contribution and Distribution Details, Transaction Information

  • Post all investor reports

  • Post all Calls and Distribution Notices

  • Post fund and subscription documents for authorized user view

  • Post manager communications to investors

  • Communicate postings on the portal through emails and embedded document links in email

  • Track investor access to the portal

  • Follow up on investor queries and requests.

  • Post portfolio details, if required

  • Customization of TFA Reporting Portal to client specific needs.

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