Services In Detail

Set-Up/ Transition Services

Introduction to service providers needed for fund setup or liaison with existing providers

Review of offering memorandum and statutory documents

Set up of bank accounts for funds

Registered Office, Secretarial, and Corporate Services (for Cayman Funds)

Provision of principal and registered office

Maintenance of statutory records such as the minutes book

Filing of Annual Return with Registrar of Companies and annual CIMA fees

Voluntary liquidations of Cayman Funds

Registrar and Transfer Agency

Maintenance and updating of investor register details

Tracking Call and Distribution Notices

Collection and warehousing of subscription and redemption documentation

Investor communication regarding subscriptions, redemptions, calls and distributions

Transfer of investments

Cash Management

Transfer of cash to screened parties via electronic token and set up and release functions

Strong control environment of TFA: always two representatives involved in setup of cash outflow

Regular reconciliation of cash

Maintenance of bank account information for the manager – bank statement analysis

Multiple work relationships with major banks in the US and abroad

Compliance Services

FATCA Compliance

RIA Compliance

AML & KYC Compliance

Investor Subscription and Redemption

Compliance according to Fund Documentation and jurisdiction

Drafting of Special Situation Communication to regulators and investors

Completion of subscriptions for investments in Fund of Hedge Funds

Compliance for IRA investors

ERISA Compliance

Middle and Back Office Support

Retrieval of data from brokers and custodians by means of electronic access

Retrieval of data from manager’s systems for reconciliation purposes

Pricing reconciliation from third party sources like Bloomberg (“portfolio accounting”)

Valuation according to agreed upon methods with fund manager for PE and RE Funds

NAV Calculation, Accounting for Financial Statements and Statistics/Risk

Categorization of Assets into Level 1-3 (US GAAP)

Preparation of illiquid asset commentary for auditor

Preparation of General Ledger, Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet

Calculation of investor allocations from profit and losses

Calculation of management and performance fees, hurdle rates and fee arrangements per investor

Calculation of capital call and distribution allocations

Calculation of interest due for multiple calls and back payments

Waterfall calculations

Accrual of expenses and provisions for budgeting of Fund liquidity needs

Tracking of assets in view of tax preparation

Preparation of various statistics reports

Risk Report

Audit and Tax support

Multiple work relationships with auditors, including the big four

Facilitation of entire audit and tax process – hand in hand work with client

Handling of all operations related questionnaires

Posting of all required information to server based safe environment

Coordination of work steps with auditor

Provision of support for auditor’s testing of portfolio

Preparation of Schedule of Purchases/Sales, Realized and Unrealized Gains and Losses

Preparation of Portfolio Investment Roll

Preparation of Footnotes to Financial Statements

Monthly reconciliation of unsettled trades for random testing by auditor

Distribution of K1s or PFIC Statements to investors

Investor and Manager Reporting

Posting of investor reports to proprietary web based reporting portal (“portal”)

Posting of manager reports to portal for regular review processes

Posting of all call and distribution notices to portal

Posting of fund documentation and subscription documentation for authorized user view

Posting of manager communication to investors

Posting of marketing and statistics info of fund for authorized viewers

Transparency option: posting of portfolio details